Nutrition Guidance


We all have goals when we come to the gym.  Improve our appearance, improve our athletic performance, improve our health, etc.  Being on the proper training program is crucial for the safest quickest path to your personal goals.  In addition to your training program, equally as important is your eating regiment.

Our trainers will sit with you and assess your current eating plan.  Your balance of macro nutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat).  Quantities, requirements, timing, etc. All of the pieces of the nutrition puzzle that you need to know and understand.  No weighing of food. No counting calories.  Your trainer does the hard work for you.  Stop by the front desk or email us for a FREE nutrition consultation.

I have been a member of Powerhouse Gym for about a year and a half and I love it!  The gym is clean, conveniently located and very well equipped offering lots of classes, personal trainers and weight lifting options.  The owner and staff are so friendly, courteous and accommodating.  They always make me feel welcome when I arrive at the gym for my workout.  I highly recommend Powerhouse Gym to anyone who cares about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.
Noreen C.

With a heavy heart we must announce the current Powerhouse Gym of Hamilton will not be reopening due to the financial impact of the mandatory Covid-19 shutdown.  We wish this was not the case, but we have suffered financial losses that cannot be recouped.  The current gym owner is trying to transition ownership to a new party to take over the location.  If this transition occurs, everyone will be contacted. 

Best of health and thank you for your years with us.